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About Our Products

Beyond providing light, candles serve many purposes, often influencing a mood or creating an environment. Like many candle lovers, we select a candle based upon scent, burn time, wax type, appearance, cost, and the degree to which the candle is eco-friendly. The motivation for Green Tree Karma candles arose from our strong desire to create a superior product with a low carbon footprint.

Green Tree Karma soy candles are expertly handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Inspired by the spices, herbs, and bouquets of the earth, Green Tree Karma candles are hand-poured, vegan, and eco-friendly.  All scents are phthalate-free. Why? Because we want to breathe air that is free from petroleum that is so often found in paraffin candles, and our customers deserve the same.

Each 12oz. candle is approximately 4 1/4 inches in height and utilizes reclaimed wine bottles that are up-cycled, and cut, sanded, and polished by hand.  Candle tins can serve a wide variety of uses.

All glass and tin candles are finished with one removable charm that inspired the name "green tree karma"----a symbol of the tree of life. The silver tree charm is a reminder that Green Tree Karma candle containers can be up-cycled for multiple uses once the flame has melted the soy wax.

As is the nature with recycled glass, although the rims have been carefully hand-sanded, slight imperfections along the rim are normal and add to the overall beauty of the glass. Unless otherwise indicated, all wine bottle candles have flat bottoms. Flat-bottomed wine bottles allow Green Tree Karma candles to give the consumer a full pour of wax, which is not the case with wine bottles that have punts (indentions) in the bottom of the bottle.

Each item is carefully inspected before it is packaged and shipped. Shipping includes a beautifully wrapped candle that is perfect for gift giving.

Green Tree Karma Candles............

Eco-friendly. Renewable. American grown. Sustainable.