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Do you offer personalized labels for special occasions, or private labels for businesses?

Candles can be personalized for larger orders, such as wedding or special events. Please contact us directly to inquire about this service.

Do you offer a wholesale catalog?

Absolutely, and we are happy to send retailers our product line sheet.  Please send an email to with a specific request for this information.  In the subject line, please state:  Request for Wholesale Information

Are your candles vegan?


Do your candles contain petroleum or phthalates?

Absolutely not. Our candles are made with soy and high-quality oils.

What are the care instructions regarding burning my candles?

Please take the time to read the care instructions located on the back of each candle. In addition, safety instructions are included on the bottom of each candle. We love our customers, and want to be certain you follow the safety guidelines that are inherent to candle burning.

What is your return policy?

We love our customers, and their satisfaction is our priority.  While we don't anticipate any issues with our candles, we will strive to resolve any issues that arise.  We will happily replace your candle if it arrives damaged.  Please check your items upon delivery, and notify us via email within 48 hours of delivery that a problem exists.  

If you wish to return your items and exchange them for another item, you will be responsible for shipping costs.  We don't anticipate this happening because we believe that you will be very happy with your purchases!  All items that you wish to exchange must be received at our address within 30 days of delivery.  

If you wish to return your items and would like a full refund, you will be responsible for shipping costs.  In addition, the original cost of shipping the items to you will be deducted from your initial payment.  All returns must be received at our address within 30 days of delivery. Again, we don't anticipate that you'll want a refund---our candles are too enticing!

What if I want to contact you with additional questions regarding your products?

Please don't hesitate to contact us either via email or phone.  We want your experience to be very positive, and will do our best to address your inquiry in a timely fashion.